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Lindy's Healing Facials

Beauty is a reflection of your mind, body and spirit.

When Lindy created Lindy's Healing Facials over 25 years ago,working out of her home in Los Angeles, her holistic approach to skin care was considered unusual, even a bit "out there". Today, it is apparent that Lindy was a pioneer in the philosophy, technique and practice of natural skin care. Lindy was suffering from acne for several years and getting no help from "the experts", so she became a licensed esthetician to heal her own skin and help others with their skin problems. Lindy also obtained certifications in nutrition, reflexology and kinesiology. 

She researched both traditional lore and emerging scientific evidence about the healing properties derived from the earth; minerals, seaweeds, clays, vitamins, oils and plants. Lindy's quest for the finest natural ingredients led to the creation of Naturally Lindy Skin Care. Naturally Lindy Skin Care products reflects the very best of nature and science. Lindy attributes much of her success to her clients for their devotion and loyalty. Naturally Lindy products were created to meet their needs and are continually refined by your feedback and comments.