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Lindy's Healing Facials

Beauty is a reflection of your mind, body and spirit.


Voted "Best Facial in L.A" by L.A.Weekly Magazine

HEALING FACIAL $85.00 This treatment is deep cleansing and relaxing, removing all impurities from the skin while you enjoy hands-on energy work and meditative rejuvenation time. Upon entering Lindy's Healing room your senses are heightened by the soothing scent of aromatherapy, burning sage, meditation music and the energy of the crystals. Here is what you should expect when you lie down and settle in for your facial.It starts with a careful skin analysis, where environmental and lifestyle issues are addressed; diet, allergies, hormones and stress.

Next, warm towels are applied to gently open pores, dead skin is removed with a light scrub, then all impurities are extracted, blackheads, whiteheads and cystic acne. Fresh aloe vera is applied to assist immediate healing.

While you relax with soothing music, a facial mask is applied and energy blocks are removed with hands-on energy work; polarity, chakra balancing, reflexology, cranial balancing. Crystals may be laid on specific meridians to open energy flow. Then aromatherapy oils and moisturizer appropriate for your skin type is applied. A sage blessing and chakra balancing completes the healing experience. For even deeper skin renewal combine your Healing Facial with a Glycolic Acid Peel. 


GlYCOLIC ACID PEEL $75.00 Glycolic Acid speeds exfoliation, removing dead skin cells revealing fresh new skin skin. Lindy's Healing Facials uses 100% botanical professional strength glycolic acid to improve skin texture, minimize wrinkles,reduce blemishes, clears acne, reduce scars and hyper-pigmentation.

OXYGEN THERAPY TREATMENT $95.00 This treatment is most effective for stubborn acne,congestion.sluggish circulation, medication and heavy metal intoxication, smokers and city dwellers.Best for oily,congested skin.

ACTIVE COLLAGEN AMPULES,PLANT DERIVED. ACTIVE COLLAGEN SHEETS.$40.00 Plant derived, freeze-dried active 98% collagen sheets are put on your face, then the collagen ampules are applied to help absorption. The benefits are long lasting, your skin will look radiant and glowing long after the treatment.

HAND REPAIR TREATMENT $40 (only with facial) Your hands are a reflection of your age. If you suffer from brown spots, rough, dry, irritated or abused hands, this treatment is for you. First,100%botanical glycolic acid is applied to even out skin tone, fade brown spots and scars and firm your skin.Then your hands and and arms are messaged with nourishing oils, finishing with a moisturizer and sunscreen.This treatment leaves your hands smooth with a youthful glow.