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Lindy's Healing Facials

Beauty is a reflection of your mind, body and spirit.

Medical and Client Testimonials

"I am happy to write this letter of endorsement for Lindy and her product line. As a Facial Plastic Surgeon and Director of Facial Plastic Surgery at the largest medical teaching institution in the world, I have come in contact with many estheticians and facial products. Lindy's products,Naturally Lindy Skin Care are vastly superior to any that I had previously been exposed to.As the director of The Medical Scientific Research Council for Estheticians International Association,I can not stress enough the importance of Plastic Surgeons collaborating with Estheticians such as Lindy. Her knowledge and expertise in the treatment of skin enhances the final result for my patients.I am an expert in the area of facial rejuvenation using surgical techniques as my tools similarly Lindy is an expert in the care of skin with a vast array of natural products at her disposal. Lindy and I refer patients to one another to capitalize on each others expertise.I send patients prior to my "Facial Contouring Facelift in order to smooth and properly prime the skin before surgery.Post-surgically patients are encouraged to visit Lindy in order to maintain a more youthful and vibrant appearance to their skin". - Sincerely Yours, Francis R. Palmer 111,MD,F.A.C.S.

"My patients told me so much about Lindy and her facials,I had to try for myself.I did .Lindy is a whole experience! She is the best in her field. Try for yourself,and you'll be back." - Thank you Lindy. R.Patrick Abergel,M.D. Dermatologist,Cosmetic Laser Surgeon.

"My experience of a facial with Lindy is manifested in her healing energy that simultaneously eliminates both my internal and external toxic materials.I feel as if a layer has been removed that had prevented me from experiencing my own beauty.Lindy is not just a facialist-she's a Beauty Surgeon!She does vibrational surgery that makes you feel and look so wonderful" . - Toni Gilardi,Psychotherapist

"Dearest Lindy,Thank you for the most wonderful facial and energy work yesterday. You have a gift and your unique work is addicting! Love your products!" - Crystal at Allure Magazine

"Lindy,I'm really enjoying the skin care products I receives from you last week.My face has been so terribly dry over the past few years,also very itchy,almost like hives.I must say my skin has calmed down and the itchies are gone.My face feels and looks so much better,Thank you Lindy!" - Martha                        

"Dear Lindy,I just wanted to thank you for changing my life!!!.My face has never been this clear and so good. I never used to "see"he real me/ I've enjoyed so much coming to your comforting heart and kindness.You have been like a second mom to me in a place where it is so new for me". - Thank you so much, Sincerely, Julie Ober         

"I have such gratitude for your gentle spirit,loving heart,and profound wisdom.Thank you for being a grounded sounding board and than you for your healing hands. My life is so much richer with you in it.You are a beautiful

Goddess!" - Thank you, Kelly

"I have been going To Lindy for many years and she always makes me feel more relaxed,healed and more beautiful. I highly recommend Lindy and her Lindy magic". - Elizabeth Pena (actress)

"Lindy's facials are meditative and invigorating.I've been a monthly client for over 5 years and my skin keeps looking better! Her treatments heal the immediate concern, as well as the more deep,intangible,and perhaps spiritual source of the problem". - Geris (music manager)

"I had been suffering from adult-onset acne since turning 40.I became a slave to weekly dermatologist appointments. After just one visit with Lindy,I could see and feel the difference.I stopped my dependency on prescription drugs.My acne is gone , and I have no scars. I feel good I accomplished this in a healthy ,natural way". - M. Shaperio(T.V. producer)

 "I'm always trying new products Lindy,and always coming back yo yours. I sure wish I could still get a Lindy facial! No body can compare".Lana

"I gave your products to a few of my patients who where receiving treatment for long cancer.One of the major side effects for this treatment are reactions,frequently in the form"acneform rash" The patients loved your aloe products. They helped sooth the irritated skin if not heal it. I would love to do a study on your natural products, do clinical testing for medical use.Thank you", - Patrice Gallagher (oncologist nurse)

 "Lindy,Thank you for an amazing experience you provided me with last week. The facial and peel were great,but it was truly the pleasure of meeting you that will always stay with me. Your words,guidance, and strength really changed my life,it made me aware of the wonderful there are to be excited about. You are truly an angel. Thank you for your heavenly service". - Angela

 "To Whom it May Concern,I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your products. Last year when I was 30,all of a sudden I was breaking out and scarring afterwards.I spent so much money trying everything on the market for my skin.I heard about your products and ordered the Facial Wash,Fruit Tonic and Oxygen Treatment Cream.I started using them a week before Christmas and had a total turnaround.I am so pleased with the treatment of the scars,they are really fading. Thank you so much", - Annie     

"Naturally Lindy Skin Care is my hero! I have had such problems with my skin and tried so many different products.Naturally Lindy Skin Care has saved my life! My skin has never looked so healthy and smooth. I especially love the All Purpose Scrub". - Jasmine, model and mom